A Norwegian company in the Telecommunications sector initiated a strategic shift in IT by starting with the recruitment of a new Chief Information Officer. This change was the catalyst for a series of key initiatives, including support for ISO27001 certification and the implementation of a CISO As A Service, carried out in partnership with Ataya & Partners.




The Norwegian company is recognised for its expertise in the field of critical communication solutions. With a rich history and a strong presence in the telecommunications sector, it specialises in the provision of advanced communication systems, essential for secure and efficient operations in various industries.


The Challenge


The challenge for the company was twofold: to integrate new IT leadership capable of driving significant changes and to align the company with international security standards, notably through ISO27001 certification.


Why Ataya & Partners?


The company selected Ataya & Partners for their expertise and reputation in the field, particularly for:

  • Expertise in IT Recruitment: With the help of Hightech Partners, we identified and recruited a Chief Information Officer for the company.
  • Support for ISO27001: Ataya & Partners has extensive experience in implementing ISO27001 certification, having obtained the certification for several organisations.
  • Service CISO As A Service: Our holistic approach to security has enabled the company to ensure that their IT security is managed effectively.


How Ataya & Partners Responded


Firstly, we supported the company in finding the right partner to manage their IT department. Following the recruitment of the Chief Information Officer, we conducted a thorough assessment of the company's IT processes, followed by personalised support for ISO27001 certification. Concurrently, our CISO As A Service was deployed to ensure continuous and effective IT security governance.


The Results


  • Strengthened IT Leadership: The recruitment of a competent CIO brought a new dynamic to the company's IT management.
  • ISO27001 Certification: The company achieved certification, marking a significant step in its commitment to information security.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: With our CISO As A Service, the company benefits from comprehensive and tailored IT security management.

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