A renowned organisation in the potable water distribution sector has embarked on the ISO27001 certification process to improve its information security management. With the support of Ataya & Partners, this organisation has not only achieved certification, but has also strengthened its IT governance, risk management, and business continuity.




This renowned company is responsible for the production and distribution of potable water in several municipalities. It is a major player in its sector in Belgium. Already certified ISO 9001 for the quality of its public services, it also stands out by obtaining ISO 17025 certification. Faced with new regulations, it has taken up the challenge of obtaining ISO27001 certification, thus aiming to optimise its IT governance.


The Challenge


The organisation had to not only comply with the ISO27001 standard but also ensure a balance in its IT operations. The challenge was to integrate these elements into their daily operational routine while maintaining impeccable service continuity.


Why Choose Ataya & Partners


  • The selection of Ataya & Partners by the organisation is based on their expertise in assisting organisations in obtaining the ISO27001 certification and improving IT governance.
  • 25 years of experience in the field and previous successes in implementing the ISO27001 standard;
  • Mastery of the COBIT framework, enriched by the contributions of Georges Ataya, co-author of COBIT;
  • The comprehensive service offering and the availability of specialised consultants from Ataya & Partners also played a major role in this decision.

Ataya & Partners' Response


The mission began with an evaluation of the existing security processes of the organisation, followed by the implementation of robust IT governance based on the COBIT framework. The approach included a balance between planning, building, operating, and monitoring functions. Real incident simulations were organised to test the effectiveness of measures and strengthen the organisation's resilience.


The Results


The organisation achieved ISO27001 certification, improved its information security management, and strengthened visibility and decision-making in its IT department. Continuity tests also increased confidence in the company's ability to manage crises.

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