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Implementing Effective IT Governance in a Governmental Institution


Ataya & Partners recently collaborated with a major governmental institution to transform its IT governance using the COBIT framework. This institution sought to improve its IT management processes to better align with its own strategic objectives. The collaboration led to significant advances in the structure and maturity of the institution's IT governance.




This institution recognised the need to modernise its IT governance to remain competitive and effective. Prior to our intervention, the institution faced challenges in IT management, limiting its ability to respond to the changing demands of its environment.


The Challenge


The organisation's challenge was to define and achieve clear IT management objectives aligned with its mission and strategic goals. Its existing IT infrastructure and governance did not fully meet the needs of their operations and stakeholders.


Why Choose Ataya & Partners?


Georges Ataya, being a co-author of the COBIT framework, is the ideal person to assist an organisation in establishing robust IT governance. Moreover, Georges Ataya is supported by a wide team of experts in the same field as well as in the field of cybersecurity. Ataya & Partners has specialised in the field of IT governance for over 25 years.


How Did We Advise Our Client?


Our intervention with this institution began with a detailed assessment of its IT management objectives, using the design factors of the COBIT framework. This approach allowed us to precisely define strategic objectives in terms of information and technology management, aligning them with the missions and overall goals of the organisation.

"Our collaboration with Ataya & Partners has proven to be very enlightening and beneficial. Their team of experts in digital governance and information security audited and streamlined our IT infrastructure and operational processes. We highly recommend Ataya & Partners to any organisation seeking effective solutions in digital governance and security advice."


For each IT management objective identified, our team conducted a thorough analysis based on the 7 maturity components of COBIT. We carefully evaluated the current maturity level of the organisation for each of these components.


Based on this comprehensive analysis, we developed a restructuring proposal for the organisation's IT department. This new structure included:

  • CIO Office: A bureau dedicated to overall IT strategy and governance.
  • Digital Office: A division tasked with driving digital transformation.
  • IT Operations: Responsible for the day-to-day management of IT operations.
  • IT Factory: A centre focused on the design, development, and implementation of IT solutions.
  • GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance): A unit focused on governance, risk management, and compliance.




The organisation observed a notable improvement in the maturity of its IT governance, marked by more precise strategic alignment and enhanced operational efficiency. The restructuring of the IT department led to improved synergy and cooperation within the teams.

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