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Ataya & Partners in cooperation with Hightech Partners releases the result of the European Cybersecurity State of the Profession 2023 Survey


Brussels, June 16, 2023 – Hightech Partners releases the 2023 European Cybersecurity State of the Profession Survey developed in cooperation with European Cyber Security Organization,  Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management  and Ataya & Partners


Cyberscurity is one of the hottest domains that along with Cloud migration and Data & Analytics represents the pillar of the Digital Transformation.

Cybersecurity Threats can hamper the positive impacts that the transformation, hence the demand for professionals that operate in this domains is constantly surging across Europe, against a structural shortage. With this premise we have decided, with Ataya & partners to propose to ECSO and to Solvay Brussels School to launch a recurring survey to monitor the development of the status of Cybersecurity Profession focusing in particular on several dimensions among which:


  • Experience and Qualifications
  • Stress and Career Change
  • Training and Development
  • Skills and Career Goals
  • Current Salary Ranges


We have gathered responses from 19 countries members of EU plus United Kingdom.
It has been split in 2 surveys, 1 focused only on CISO’s, leveraging the relevant community within ECSO and 1 dedicated to all CyberSec professionals, across all the Job Functions (currently 11 withing the CIISEC framework)



Respondents Distribution by Country



Respondents Distribution by CISO/Professionals

Job Functions as Defined by CIISEC Framework


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In the report - that you can download clicking on the iconized image on the right column above - you'll be able to read all the findings emerged from the responses.

In particular, you would be able to gather some interesting evidence, for example, related to the career development patterns, to compensation levels and ranges, training related plans, and the level of stress associated to the role that appears to be among the hightest in the IT sector.


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