General Managers and Digital leaders should ensure an adequate protection to their enterprise.

Who is acting as you CISO today?


Understanding the Role of a CISO.

A CISO is a multidisciplinary executive, crucial for merging business operations with cybersecurity, to ensure risk-aware decisions.

They possess wide-ranging expertise in cybersecurity domains such as incident response, identity management, and user education. Not just an IT specialist, their role is akin to a Chief Operations Officer in strategizing for the business.

They are central in fostering a business strategy that is cognizant of potential cybersecurity risks.

Business Risks Beyond Technology

Business operations inherently carry risks beyond just technological ones like cyber-attacks. Actions like mergers, team expansions, or outsourcing entail their own risks which a proficient CISO must comprehend.

By being informed on core business changes, CISOs can better align cybersecurity measures to mitigate risks.

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Full-Time CISO vs. IT Department.

My IT department does most of the work, why should I have a CISO?

The experience of thousands of enterprises in different sizes and sectors of activity has proven that a specific Information security and cybersecurity manager is a must.

Elevating someone from the IT department to the role of CISO or considering IT with security can be an oversight.

Cybersecurity is a component of IT, not its entirety. IT specialises in the implementation and maintenance of systems, while a CISO's role is to strategise and oversee the broader picture of cyber risk in relation to business goals. Thus, understanding the difference is crucial.

Challenges in Hiring a Full-Time CISO.


  1. Shortage of Expertise: There's a limited pool of experienced CISOs in the market.
  2. Budgetary Constraints: Hiring a CISO is a significant investment, not only in terms of salary but also in the resources they need to build an effective team.
  3. Team Expectations: A CISO cannot manage alone all cybersecurity aspects. They need a competent team to execute strategies. Too often, companies assume that by hiring a CISO, all cybersecurity concerns will be addressed. This is a misconception, as the CISO will themselves rely on a team of experts to handle specific facets of the security landscape.


Exploring Alternatives.

With many years of expertise, a proven method is applied by Ataya & Partners to support the CISO activity.

  1. CISO As A Service is probably a solution for your enterprise.
  2. CISO services are otherwise a complement to your internal CISO.


Ataya & Partners can help you!

At Ataya & Partners, we offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity, align with our "ASSESS, PLAN, BUILD, RUN, GOVERN" methodology. The growing complexity of the cybersecurity landscape means that relying on a single individual with high expertise is no longer feasible.


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