How to fill the structural Talent Gap and to create an Unfair Advantage for both digital professionals and their employers?

The shortage of Digital Skills in Europe exploded in the last years - the COVID-19 pandemic has just accelerated and amplified its effects by accelerating the need for Digital transformation. A lack of digital skills could jeopardize enterprises with misaligned talent plans.

A new paradigm for acting on the various facets of filling the shortage, reskilling the professionals and assessing the required competences shall be announced on next November 27th in Brussels.

Announcing the result of joining forces by executive search experts, education institutions and digital competences research foundation, has enabled the development of dedicated tools and methods developed over the past 2 years. 

Enabling Digital professionals to assess and influence their skills mix, direct their competences building and grow their career to targeted ambition is enabled by a career companion model and tools.  Similarly, leading organisations shall plan and provision the skills and competences of key employees, recruits and consultants to suit their exact needs.

Bringing a new paradigm to the education, certification, recruitment and career evolution processes are other direct effects of this paradigm shift.

Join us to discover the tools and methods supporting this new paradigm.

The event is hosted by Ataya & Partners and Hightech Partners.

C-level Executives representing AESC - the International Association of Executive Search firms - CIONET, Solvay Brussels School, The Belgian Federation of Digital Industries, Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry will be on the speakers’ panel for this event.

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Join us on November 27th at 15:30.