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Task Force WG5I European Human Resources Network for Cyber Security


Every Three months the European Cyber Security Organization reunites to discuss cybersecurity on how to improve standards and certifications.

They produce a report each meeting, here we explain in brief, the context and their goals for cyber security.

The European cyber security Organization (ECSO) wants create awareness about cyber security and how this is becoming an increasingly important topic.

As consequence, professionals on cyber security become more in demand. This leads to a skills gap. Certifications are essential to cyber security as they fill a gap in the market of Cyber Security. Keeping certain skills and maintaining all the aspects of cyber security is key . Keeping up do date  the organizations needs to have standards held by the certifying party.

Here you can download the PDF  ECSO European Cyber Security Professional organization : Information and Cyber security professional certification.

The goal here is to create and keep trust. The supply for education regarding cyber security is wide but not clear. In order to be a cyber security expert, you not only need basic knowledge but also demonstre ability to do.

Work experience is also key to obtain certification, in the case of Information systems certification (CISSP, CISM and CISA).

In Belgium, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management has given certifications since 2001 and 450 Alumni have one or more certifications. The school also offers executive classes. Digital management and governance, Risk management and Information and Cyber security topics. 

Information Security, Cyber Security, Risk, Compliance, Audit IT and Digital professions. Recently, Solvay Brussels School added a short program in Data Protection.

The founder of Ataya partners Academy Prof. Georges Ataya is also the academic director of Executive education at Solvay Brussels School. He directs the IT Management education and Information security management education.

They have delivered since 2015 a full track on Information security and Cyber security. Solvay Brussels School and Ataya Partners Academy have partnered with ISACA and PECB.


Cyber security is not a light topic to learn about but every organization should keep information security a top priority. Maintaining an organization safe and with a clear risk management technique.



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