Establishing and maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected. 
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Data Privacy
& Compliance

Putting in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to implement the data protection principles (GDPR regulations, NIS regulations, …). 
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Providing a structure for aligning IT strategy and investments with business objectives. A&P methodologies are based mainly on COBIT 5.
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How skilled do you feel to help your company thrive in the current financial tsunami? 


The first SFIA-Certified Self Assessment tool that would help identify your competencies gaps, track your progresses (or the ones of your team), and have a proved skill measurement system to show your manager (or to Human Resources at your next job interview).


Manage my career

Career companion through skills Assessment, Education planning and career Promotion for Digital professionals and experts.

Manage teams’ competences

Inventory, Grow and Provision Digital competences for professionals and experts across teams, specialties and locations.

20 years of experience

The career companion and its assessment tool are based on

  • The EU ICT profiles (European Competences framework)
  • The Skills Frameworks for the Information Age (SFIA 7)
  • Digital Governance and Trust education at Solvay Brussels School

What's in it for you ?

  • Reveal where you are at right now skillswise and which are the exact areas you should work on (...without investing time and money in trainings that are too general for you, not tailored to your actual needs)
  • Be your lifelong career companion: you will monitor systematically your professional development, and you will plan clear milestones to achieve (Hint: ‘What gets measured gets improved’).
  • Turn your CV into a standardized report.

EU ICT Roles that are assessed


Sample of individual dashboard


Detailed report for each ICT Roles


Highlighting skill shortage on the market or in your organization.

Which profile do you have ?

Either you are IT Digital expert (Personal Career Companion) or an organisation, manager, from human ressource department (Competence Management Companion), choose your profile and run your first digital assessment. 

I. Manage my career

Personal Career Companion is a tool available to Digital professionals, managers and technical experts.

Thanks to the personal Career Companion get whenever you want a complete report on your competences by taking our assessment. You have the choice to reduce the competences gap to get new promotion. 

  • Assess: Evaluate digital and leadership competences
  • Reskill: Obtain training, education and experience
  • Promote: Upscale your career to leverage newly gained competences and get promotion and new opportunities.

II. Manage teams’ competences

Competence management Companion is a tool available to employers, Digital Executives and Human resources planners.  

It offers organisations the capabilities to conduct assessment of competences for their digital managers and leading experts. The tool is aligned with major competence frameworks. 

  • Assess: Evaluate available digital and leadership competences of your teams across regions, technology and specialisation
  • Reskill: Plan and organise training, education and experience tracks for your digital work force
  • Recruit: Hire adapted team members search for relevant competences
  • Promote: Develop career tracks for your team and build a workforce with comprehensive capabilities
  • Lead: Provision competences and skills to support your leadership activity
"Both decision makers and technical experts believe that their common sense can resolve most challenges. However, what brought them where they are now, is currently not sufficient to keep them there."

“Existing companies that don’t prioritize digital transformation risk lagging behind and becoming obsolete, even to the point of potentially losing their competitive advantage. Digital transformation is essential for them.”

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