Information Security
& Cyber Security

Information Security and Cyber Security

Effective information security management is an essential ingredient of today’s business operations.

We offer organizations a variety of services to help them simultaneously minimize risks whilst maximizing potential, including security operations, response management and aligning security with business objectives.

A&P helps clients to develop in-company skills and knowledge and also when required, managed services to achieve regulatory compliance on the basis of best-practice frameworks and standards (for example, ISO/IEC 27001).

Information Security Assessment
Provide a yearly status report about the current information security good practices in place + recommendations. A&P defines an assessment to measure the maturity and level of risk of an organization. This assessment is based on ISO 27001 frameworks and SANS top 20.
Security Awareness

Planning, coordinating and delivering education and awareness actions to influence stakeholders culture and behaviour. Enforce Information Security good practices and bring complementary documents

Phishing test and awareness
Test and enforce employees and staff reaction regarding fake emails; fake site and fake documents. Including yearly statistics.
Internet security review and vulnerability assessment
Monthly Internet security review and vulnerability assessment. Client will be informed when the situation is at risk (email gateway, internet site, vpn gateway, ftp, … ) Recommendations are issued periodically
CISO Services
Risk Assessment
Social engineering test
Social engineering is the term used for a broad range of malicious activities accomplished through human interactions. It uses psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive information.

A&P operates as a CISO in your organisation.

CISO designation who will ensure the cybersecurity and information security in you company. By supporting the CIO with external services that lay the foundation for sound IT Governance and IT Management. Objectives are to help CISOs and Management Boards to assess, reorganize and instill best practices for streamlined organizations facing a digital transformation.

  • Develop and maintain a cybersecurity strategy ;
  • Maintaining protected programs and solutions ;
  • Incident response and establish appropriate standards and controls ;
  • Ensure information security.

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Some of our clients


Ataya & Partners has strong expertise in IT Governance

Track record includes the following realisations :

  • Involvement within the Infosec Business Advisory Group recommending during 1993-1995 the European Commission policy information Security
  • Development of the first Ethical Hacking course (within Ernst & Young Belgium) in 2000.
  • Co-development in 2002 of the Body of knowledge of the CISM certification (Certified in Information Security Management)
  • Representing the Belgian Government in the review of the e-ID project in relation to EU regulations
  • Creation of the Executive Program in Information Security Management at Solvay Brussels School in 2005 (one of the first Infosec postgraduate education in a Business School in Europe)
  • Development of the Information Security Directives for Information Security on Behalf of the Prime Minister (DCSSI department) in France in 2006
  • Foundation of the Secure Application Development education that ran for the first time in Brussels in 2005.
  • Foundation of the Executive Program in cybersecurity at Solvay Brussels School in 2014 (one of the first academic cybersecurity education in a Business School in Europe)
  • Co-foundation of the Belgian Cybersecurity Coalition (February 2015)
  • Assisting the Prime Minister for the selection of the Director of the Belgian Cybersecurity Centre (June 2015)
  • Development and update of the ISO/IEC 2700x standards since 2009 within ISO SC27 committees

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Nicolas Ameye
Nicolas AmeyePrincipal Information Security Project
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- Our IT Governance & Management Team -

Most employees and consultants from A&P dispose of the following education or certification:

  • ISACA membership or certification (CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC)
  • ISC² certification (CISSP)
  • ISO 27001 certification and expertise
  • Executive master or Executive program in Information Security or in IT management from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • Executive Master in Information Security or in IT Management from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • Many other certifications or qualifications
  • Most of A&P consultants and employees have attended executive education in Information Security Management.
Georges Ataya
Georges AtayaManaging
Nicolas Ameye
Nicolas AmeyePrincipal GRC Project
Xavier Vecchiato
Xavier VecchiatoPrincipal Cyber Security Project
Christophe Pierre
Christophe PierrePrincipal Data Protection & Privacy Project
Alexandre Hoet
Alexandre HoetPrincipal Courses Project
Jean-Sebastien Opdebeeck
Jean-Sebastien OpdebeeckA&P's
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Alain CieslikA&P's
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Dirk DenijsA&P's
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