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Regulated DPO activity

Operating the DPO office or supporting the DPO by external services. Develop processes and implement required operations (GDPR article 39/1).

Inform & advise of stakeholders obligations

Monitor compliance with the regulation.

Cooperate with the supervisory authority.

Provide advice where requested and monitor its performance in line with the DPIA.

Act as the contact point and consult with the supervisory authority

Implementation oversight

Supervise, Assess and Monitor all compliance implementation activities across various delivery dimensions.

Assist management & GDPR Strategy

Assist in Data Protection Impact Assessment

Oversight on compliance transformation and incident handling processes.

Assist and implement Information Security safeguards.

Awareness & Education

Planning, coordinating and delivering education and awareness actions to influence stakeholders culture and behaviour.

Deliver education & awareness campaigns.

Organize management briefings.

Overview change management activity

Dashboard & Reporting

Monitor risk and develop Performance and Goal indicators along with reporting and Dashboard. Plan for audit and for certification (GDPR article 39/2).

Develop GDPR Dashboard to monitor operational and implementation risks.

Address mitigations with compliance project delays and consultant responsiveness.

Plan for audit & certification.

A&P operates as A DPO in your organisation.

DPO designation who will ensure the GDPR compliance.

  • Inform
  • Advise
  • Recommend
  • Update register of processing activities
DPO as A Service is a tailored offer depending on the organisation in which you are working for. Ataya & Partners provides you the best advises to be GDPR compliant thanks to its huge amount of Data Protection experts certified at Solvay Brussels School.
To correctly define your needs, please let's organize a phone call or a meeting in our office.

Price: To be Negotiated.

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Some of our clients


Ataya & Partners has strong expertise in Data Protection

Solvay Business School

Founder of the European Data Protection programme at Solvay Business School with the ‘Authorité de la Protection des Données’.

Large Community

Founder of the renown DPO Circle, a community of more than 300 members.

Strong Experience

A lot of seminars and courses given in different organizations.

Our Partners in Data Protection


Our Data Protection Team

Our experts developed the Data Protection Management System, the GDPR Toolkit, the GDPR implementation framework and the body of knowledge for GDPR staffing and service delivery.
Georges Ataya
Georges AtayaManaging
Dirk Denijs
Dirk DenijsA&P's
Amélie Levie
Amélie LevieData protection & information security
Christophe Pierre
Christophe PierrePrincipal Data Protection & Privacy Project
Alain Cieslik
Alain CieslikA&P's
Nathan Vanhelleputte
Nathan VanhelleputteA&P's Partner
Pascal Cornu
Pascal CornuA&P's

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